Commission information

To order a commission, please contact Clear via twitter or email!
[email protected]

These prices are for personal use commissions only!
If you want to commission artwork for business purposes or for advertising please contact Clear to work out a quote!

Paw badge


Flat colors with some cel shaded elements

My most popular commission format, now perfect to print as badges!
With the dark lines, no detail will be eaten by a printer and your badge will be better visible in a con space.

These badges are digital file only, with the exception of:
NFC 2022EF 2022(possibly) CFZ 2022(possibly) DCC 2022Badge printing & con pickup for these events is included in the price, please ask for this when placing your order!!

Circle Headshot


Cel shading
Colored lines

These are always circle cropped!



Cel shading

Expression of choice!
Goo / Candy gore - €10+.
Adding a typed name (badge style) + €10
Adding Extra BG elements can be discussed!

Reference sheet


Flat color
Colored lines

Pricing starts at €100 for a simple front and back view with name & pronouns.
Extra items and info can be added for an extra charge! Complicated characters also may cost extra.

Please contact Clear for a quote!


€30 - €45

Flat colors

Icons are €35.
Phone wallpapers are €50.
Wallpapers come with a square & circle crop, ready to use as an icon.



Cel shading

Includes a simple prop.
Extra props / BG elements can be discussed & start at €5+.
Complicated characters can have an extra charge, please inquire if this applies to you!

Scoop badge


Flat colors with some cel shaded elements
Colored lines

Your character as a cookie in a rich ice cream scoop!
The cookie parts will only be 1 color each!

Ice cream baby


Flat colors with some cel shaded elements
Colored lines

Your character as a melty ice cream!
Characters will be simplified & colors will be altered to fit the theme better!
Topping type can be discussed!